SIP Radio Gateway

Convert Radio Interface to SIP

Push to talk radios can be connected into modern IP infrastructure with Vocality’s range of radio-enabled solutions. Vocality BASIC supports Radio Over IP (RoIP) in a multitude of ways, from simple point to point for extending radio networks over intermediate links e.g. satellite or Internet, to complex networks using a central media server such as Wave from Twisted Pair. Devices can be used as standalone media gateways converting audio radio signals to IP SIP, for connection to an SIP SERVER (VCOM, Cisco, Asterisk..)
Support Radio systems: Harris PRC117 F & G; Harris PRC148; Harris PRC152; Motorola XTS1500;Motorola XTS2500; Motorola XTS5000; Motorola GP340; Motorola SRX 2200; Motorola XPR 7550; Motorola – Models with external mic connections; Thales PRC154; Thales AN/PRC-148 (MBITR); Codan; NGT-SRx 125; Codan 2110 Manpack HF; Raytheon AN/PSC-5; JTRS HMS (Handheld,& Manpack); iCom F14 (VHF)


 icon-check-square 2 or 4 port solution
 icon-check-square Four-wire interfaces
 icon-check-square Transparent PCM down to 5.3Kbps voice compression
 icon-check-square E&M circuits for PTT
 icon-check-square  Optional edge router functionality
 icon-check-square  Silence suppression
 icon-check-square VAD Voice Activity Detection
 icon-check-square HTTP – Web-Based Configuration
 icon-check-square  DHCP – Dynamically assigns IP addresses
 icon-check-square TFTP – Facilitates firmware upgrades
 icon-check-square Audio Codecs (G.711 µ-law, A-law, G.729)
 icon-check-square Ethernet Port w/Link & Activity LED
 icon-check-square RTP optimisation
 icon-check-square PTT timers

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