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Critical Communications Over IP LAN/WAN

Intercom Software System

VCOM Intercom IP

VCOM is a highly interoperable, IP Software Intercom leveraging advanced algorithms and software engineering for on the edge streaming and ultra wide band communications. The System is engineered to support highly dynamic, fast, and complex communications requirements and consists of the following components:

VCOM seemlessly interfaces and interconnects radios without geographic limitation and extends communications to Android and iOS devices. Client-side VCOM Control Panel GUI’s feature an optional PL (Party Line) Assignment mode which allows operators to easily add and remove SIP and VDI devices — including interfaced radios

VCOM™ Wireless Intercom brings the richness of ProCom functionality to Android Devices and the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Leverage any combo of Android or iOS VCOM Control Panels to add mobile clients to any existing VCOM System or use a stand-alone wireless intercom system.

WIRELESS IFB, VCOM IFB uses the power of VCOM for signal transport and receive functions over IP networks. The use of standard computer hardware and network infrastructure simplifies the installation and lowers the cost of system implementation. The VCOM Mobile Control Panel installed on handheld devices allows a cost effective and multi purpose wireless IFB solution.