VCOM Matrix Intercom Software

VCOM Intercom IP Software
VCOM Virtual Matrix

Multi-threaded, server-side summing/mixing engine with integrated SIP support.

VCOM Control Panel

Client-side control panel for non-blocking, multi-channel/multi-access professional communications.

VCOM Device Interface

Software interface to easily bridge disparate communication systems including hardware intercoms, two-way radios, and public/private telephone networks.

System Administration Application

Administrative GUI control for dynamic configuration and monitoring of VCOM from any workstation on the network.

Top features

icon-check-square Full multi channel/multi access, non-blocking professional communications functionality
icon-check-square Point to Point (private channel between any two operators)
icon-check-square Group Call (one caller to many listeners), and Party Line (group conference)
icon-check-square Client Control Panel Selectors (keys) can be configured for Talk, Listen, or Talk/Listen
icon-check-square Selectors can be programmed for latch mode, momentary mode, or both
icon-check-square Dynamic “Answer Back” selectors indicate incoming calls from clients for whom a
icon-check-square dedicated key is not programmed

New features

icon-check-square IFB function serves as a voice cueing mechanism for on-air talent
icon-check-square ISO allows for private communications between users
icon-check-square Patching/Dispatch function enables users to add/remove 4-wire or SIP ports from
icon-check-square Party Lines from Client
icon-check-square LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration to provide Active Directory
icon-check-square Voice Activity indicator causes Control Panel selector name to modulate when audio is
icon-check-square detected on a given channel
icon-check-square Silence Suppression stops the transmission of audio after a period of no detected voice
icon-check-square activity
icon-check-square Support Codec G711, G722, Speex Wideband; MPEG-4 HE AACv2; MPEG Layer 2, Layer 3

icon-check-square SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for network reporting of system events.
icon-check-square AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt audio to prevent network snooping
icon-check-square CDR (Call Data Records) for generating a report to determine who has the ability to
icon-check-square access the party lines (aka hoots)
icon-check-square QOS (Quality of Service) to flag all audio packets to and from the client using IP
icon-check-square differentiated services allowing for packet prioritization when traversing a congested
icon-check-square network

All in One

icon-check-square Client Control Panels can be oriented horizontal or vertical
icon-check-square Individual selector volumes can be adjusted by +/- 18dB in 6dB increments
icon-check-square System wide automatic microphone gain control provides unity audio levels
icon-check-square Dual audio output capability enables monitoring on both headset and speakers
icon-check-square simultaneously
icon-check-square Device Interface supports connection with two way radios, hardware based
icon-check-square communications
icon-check-square systems, or public/private telephone networks via standard hardware interfaces
icon-check-square Integrated SIP server allows connection of SIP enabled VoIP peripherals directly into the
icon-check-square VCOM Virtual Matrix
icon-check-square Support for integrated multi-line Phone Interface using “off-the-shelf’ multi-line PCI card
icon-check-square to connect to POTS lines