• Stay in touch anywhere
  • Use the device you want
  • Communicate in the right way
  • Connect with the outside plateform
  • Take advantage of standards-based HD video
  • Make virtual meetings more effective
  • Easily join meetings

New Communication Strandard

WebRTC is a revolutionary technology, a part of HTML5 standard, that enables web browsers with real-time communications capabilities (audio, video, chat) via simple Javascript APIs. Thanks to the WebRTC technology, there is no more need to install additional software for audio and video calls, the browsers can communicate peer-to-peer.

Users can either escalate to a multi-party chat from a point-to-point video conversation or directly jump in to a multi-party video chat session in one click. This is powerful video conferencing without the complexity and disruption caused by standalone solutions.

During point-to-point video chats users are able to simply drag and drop documents they want to share and the transfer happens almost instantly.

Users are offered a simple UI to share their desktop or any of their running applications. Remote users can follow along or use their mouse to point to specific items on the screen for a rich interactive experience.