SIP 4Wire Gateway

Convert 4Wire Interface to SIP

BASICS Four Wire is based on the ‘BASICS Voice’ concept, offering 2 or 4 channels, but presenting them as 4 wire audio interfaces, with isolated transmit and receive audio. The device gateway is used as standalone media gateways converting audio 4wire signals to IP SIP protocol. The BASICS device provides a number of ports for connection – either to an IP WAN such as a Satellite modem or over a local fibre optic connection for local reachback.
Support any Intercom systems: Riedel Communications, Telex, ClearCom, trilogy…


 icon-check-square 2 or 4 port solution
 icon-check-square Four-wire interfaces
 icon-check-square Transparent PCM down to 5.3Kbps voice compression
 icon-check-square E&M circuits for PTT
 icon-check-square  Optional edge router functionality
 icon-check-square  Silence suppression
 icon-check-square VAD Voice Activity Detection
 icon-check-square HTTP – Web-Based Configuration
 icon-check-square  DHCP – Dynamically assigns IP addresses
 icon-check-square TFTP – Facilitates firmware upgrades
 icon-check-square Audio Codecs (G.711 µ-law, A-law, G.729)
 icon-check-square Ethernet Port w/Link & Activity LED
 icon-check-square RTP optimisation
 icon-check-square PTT timers