BASICS Optimizer

Bandwidth Optimizer QoS

BASICS Optimizer is designed for any satellite, terrestrial or mobile network that suffers from either bandwidth limitations or jitter, and where quality of voice or video is essential. As a failsafe feature, the Vocality Optimizer incorporates fail to wire technology so communications are always maintained between LAN and WAN ports when the power goes off.


 icon-check-square Reliable transmission of IP based voice and video data
 icon-check-square Optimisation of VoIP traffic for bandwidth restricted links
 icon-check-square Cleaning of high jitter environments for video and voice traffic
 icon-check-square Deployment of SIP based VoIP telephony networks
 icon-check-square  Edge network connectivity into core networks
 icon-check-square In-line Optimizer
 icon-check-square PACE
 icon-check-square Packet Aggregation
 icon-check-square VoIP Efficiency
 icon-check-square De-Jitter (for voice and video)
 icon-check-square Satellite-aware Routing

Recent Work