Convert FXO-FXS-E&M to SIP

The perfect solution for the fast responder or the field communicator needing immediate access to major communication standards, including PTT radios, phones and IFB.
The unique combination of small size, low weight and reduced power (SWaP), is ideal for fast responders, field reporters and tactical operators. The unit is the perfect platform around which to design manpack solutions.


 icon-check-square Full satellite-aware network router
 icon-check-square RTP/IP and TCP/IP Packet Aggregation for Communication Efficiency (PACE)
 icon-check-square 1 x IP WAN port
 icon-check-square 2 x switched LAN port
 icon-check-square  2 x FXS voice ports (POTS to SIP, STE secure voice)
 icon-check-square DHCP – Dynamically assigns IP addresses
 icon-check-square 2 x RoIP ports (four wire E&M voice interfaces)
 icon-check-square 2 x async serial ports (RoIP control data connection)
 icon-check-square 1 x sync WAN port (legacy serial connections)
 icon-check-square Audio Codecs (G.711 µ-law, A-law, G.729)
 icon-check-square VAD Voice Activity Detection
 icon-check-square Silence suppression

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