SIP Talkback 4 Canaux

CS74 SIP Desktop

SIP Talkback is a desktop SIP audio device capable of transmitting on one channel and receiving on one channel of audio. The exclusive design enables the CS-74 to be virtually “dropped in” to any standards based SIP environment with no specialized or proprietary peripherals. It can be used by fast paced traders where an expensive turret is not cost effective. Dispatchers may use the CS-74 as a cost effective “Mini Radio Over IP” Base Station. The CS-74 device is configured via standard web browser or a management & discovery utility. The CS-74 is designed to be powered via standard ethernet connection or an optional 5VDC local power supply.


icon-check-square Front panel volume control with LED activity indicator
icon-check-square HTTP – Web-Based Configuration
icon-check-square DHCP – Dynamically assigns IP addresses
icon-check-square TFTP – Facilitates web-based firmware upgrades
icon-check-square  DSCP – Used for traffic classification type ‘Quality of Service’ (QoS)
icon-check-square RTP/AVP – Audio Profile
icon-check-square Audio Codecs (G.711 µ-law, A-law, G.729)
icon-check-square Dual Speeds of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps
icon-check-square SIP to Desktop
icon-check-square Ethernet Port w/Link & Activity LED
icon-check-square Headset volume adjustable

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